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The terms and conditions apply to bettingtipske.co.ke and its affiliates as well as any third party described henceforth conforming to the laws and regulations of the republic of Kenya only.

"Tips" as used describes any information in the form of the numbers, name of teams and time their matches are played.
"Predictions" as used describes any unforeseen event which a foreseen event is given as information correlating such an event given by the source to which the information is gotten from.
"Strategy" as used describes any form of plan on how to achieve a set of results given a certain condition that is put in place to achieve the result.
"bettingtipske.co.ke" as used describes the entity that supplies the information found on any website with the domain "bettingtipske.co.ke" describing the staff and anyone associated with the entity that relates to how it works or provides its information. It is not therefore a single person or a single item as such and will be dealt with as a single and separate entity henceforth.

It is therefore important to note that tips, predictions, and strategy published on this website are only the opinions of bettingtipske.co.ke. The information is provides "as is" and does not define them as definite predictions or 'no lose' guaranteed strategies. Any event or decision made henceforth accruing to the information supplied by bettingtipske.co.ke will not be associated or termed as 'caused' by bettingtipske.co.ke and will not be termed as liable to bettingtipske.co.ke.Therefore any person associated with using any information supplied by bettingtipske.co.ke is advised to bet at their own risk and to bet sensibly. betttingtipske.co.ke cannot and will not be held responsible for the actions of its site's users. Any losses incurred through gambling are the sole responsibility of the user. Betting may or may not be illegal in some countries, or areas of countries depending on the laws and regulations of the countries. It is the sole responsibility of the user to act in accordance with their local laws and regulations.

Reproducing, copying, printing or transmission by electronic means is deemed a fringe of copyright of bettingtipske.co.ke unless allowed by such. Anyone who wishes to reproduce, copy, print or transmit by electronic means, any of the original material on this site such as strategies should contact bettingtipske.co.ke and make a request of such, and only allowed to carry on with such an activity with the consent of bettingtipke.co.ke. Any infringement of copyright will be dealt with in accordance to the law and any measure taken against such an entity will be done through the law. Any views or opinions expressed on this site are entirely the opinions of bettingtipske.co.ke. BettingTipsKe is not affiliate to any bookmaker in Kenya or any other Country. bettingtipske.co.ke provides football bet predictions. bettingtipske.co.ke shall provide predictions ranging from BTTS, O/U2.5, HTFT MATCHES, DOUBLE CHANCE and 1X2 BETS. bettingtipske.co.ke shall offer daily betting tips and Jackpot predictions. bettingtipske.co.ke is based in the republic of Kenya and shall act in accordance to the Constitution of the republic of Kenya. Any opinions expressed here are not limited to strategy, bookmakers, and football predictions and are solely opinions and are not meant to be a representative of a wider, inferred population. bettingtipske.co.ke shall not publish football fixtures or fixture lists, and has no intention to do so at present. bettingtipske.co.ke shall act based on facts gathered as knowledge, therefore bettingtipske.co.ke shall not breach copyright on fixture publication, nor do hold any license to publish fixtures. Any entity that believes that any data published on www.bettingtipske.co.ke is is in breach of copyright shall be require to make a formal approach to bettingtipske.co.ke informing about the breach. Any form of breach of copyright that is approved to be a breach shall be removed and a formal apology made to such an entity. The negative to such shall be written formally to the entity explaining why the approach was declared as a null and void accusation of such a breach and shall be required to acknowledge consent of agreement concerning the issue. bettingtipske.co.ke shall ensure based on facts, that all information presented on bettingtipske.co.ke is accurate and up to date. However, bettingtipske.co.ke cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information or calculations in the instance of bettingtipske.co.ke's betting calculators. 

bettingtipske.co.ke requires that all payments made to the Mpesa paybill Till number 695707 that operates under Richable Empire. Any other payment done other than through the pay bill number shall not be affiliated with bettingtipske.co.ke and are not liable for any loss that accrues to using the wrong or unidentified means of payment. Any entity that acts under any other number other than +254701027554 will not be associated to bettingtipske.co.ke and will not be deemed legal.

bettingtipske.co.ke shall offer free betting Tips, Daily free Tips, sure bets, Jackpot predictions, premium Tips, Sportpesa Jackpot predictions and any other approved service as laid by bettingtipske.co.ke.

Terms and conditions therefore apply. © 2018 bettingtipske.co.ke
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